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How do we use technology today? Is the future shaped directly by our interaction with technology and technological advances? Today we will try to answer some of these questions about the use of technology today.

Technology is that element that is so basic and essential that many of us today cannot imagine our lives without it, we live, use and breathe technology, even though we often do not realize it.

The use of technology we make in society

Internet, digital TV, online newspapers, tablets, smart phones, radio, among so many other technologies we use are so much a part of our daily lives that it would be very hard to live without them.

Society is completely dependent on the use of technological tools to perform its most basic tasks. Today, technology is vital, since it has made the development of different nations possible.

Thanks to different technological tools, resources and procedures, great advances have been made all over the world, and especially in social areas, where it has had the most influence.

In health, the use of technology has helped to improve the quality of life of man, helping him to cure diseases that were previously fatal, preventing others, or allowing rapid recoveries after surgery. Life expectancy has increased worldwide thanks to technology in medicine.

Perhaps the most successful use of technology has been seen in the improvements in distance communication, making it possible to send a message from one side of the world to the other in milliseconds, and to find people in a few seconds.

While technology was created to improve the life of man and benefit him, today unfortunately also brings negative effects on the human being and his environment:

Human beings have become so immersed in it that they have become dependent in some cases, in other cases it has supplanted manpower, leaving many jobs operated by machines, thus generating more unemployment.

The use of artificial intelligence now also promises great advances, however it also brings with it great risks for humanity, as seen in the analysis of the dangers of artificial intelligence by the greatest minds of our time.

If we add to this how it damages the environment, and affects directly and indirectly the famous global warming, reducing the oxygen on our planet, extinguishing ecosystems and species that inhabit itIf we see it from this perspective, the misuse of technology has had and will have serious consequences.

Although not everything is bad, in some things the use of technology has had great results, and all of them very positive, as in the case of education.

Use of Technology in Education

One of the disciplines that has benefited most from technology has been the field of education. The massive adoption and use of technology in education has caused a real revolution in schools, colleges, institutions or universities at a distance, or in the same physical place, but hyperconnected to new technologies.

The challenge of knowing, approaching and starting to use these different tools, pieces of educational software, and technological means to improve the way of learning, teaching, and approaching knowledge, while developing skills, abilities and innate virtues of each individual, then appears.

Many teachers refuse to adopt the new technologies simply because they do not have the basic computer skills necessary to bring access to ICTs to their students, and this is normal since many of them were born many decades ago, are in their final years of teaching, and changing a teaching and learning paradigm that they used for so many decades is not at all comfortable.

In other aspects, the use of technology has boosted numerous advances in different fields of science, allowing, thanks to technological advances, new discoveries that change our reality and how we interact with it.

Technology opens doors that we previously thought would never be opened, allowing us to immerse ourselves in a sea of knowledge and new experiences. As long as technology is used responsibly, it will be a firm and good ally of man.