Technological advances and trends

Technological advances and trends

Technology advances by leaps and bounds every day, so fast that we often lose sight of so much constant innovation from different companies. What was new yesterday is now a thing of the past, and new modern technology replaces old inventions.

New technologies transform our world without us noticing, technology continues to advance, in the blink of an eye hundreds of companies around the world generate new innovations and discoveries in various fields of science and technology.

What are technological advances?

The technological advances are jumps in the knowledge of the man that is shaped in advances where it is applied to the technology, it is the creation of new inventions that improve the productivity and quality of life of the human being, helping him to achieve things that before could not be more effective and fast.

Technological advances that will change our lives forever

The following list of technological advances are the most influential according to the perspective of how they influence the different societies that consume them.

In other words, they are technological advances that will mark a before and after in the lives of human beings, both immediately and in terms of their influence in the near future.

1. Smart and super-connected homes

Home automation arrived years ago, having an explosion of people who adopt it to hyperconnect their homes, ie transform their traditional houses in smart homes.

The Internet of things (known in English as Internet of things) is here to stay, and although now is not the most common, in about 5 years and is believed to be present in over 25% of households in first world countries.

The access to the network of networks (Internet) allows you to connect from your coffee machine, to a mirror, to the kitchen, the stove or the windows of your house, so that they act by themselves, or under your orders. The appliances and parts of our house will be 100% synchronized, will have a total interaction, and will allow us to improve our quality of life and health in general.

Generating an ecosystem of interconnected products will not require a company specializing in it, but it will be enough to go to the supermarket, mall or store, where you can buy everything you need to have your smart home.

2. Mobile payments will be the currency

The fears that existed for decades when using credit cards on the Internet will disappear, since you will no longer need to have your card to pay for services online, you will avoid the famous credit card cloning and online scams.

Instead, you will be able to pay with your mobile phone directly, or with your smartwatch. This method of payment will be easier and safer, you won’t have to keep your wallet up all the time either, making you have less stuff with you wherever you go.

Whether it’s with your smartphone or your smart watch, you’ll be able to make payments of any kind by having only your fingerprint, or with a picture of your face at that moment that serves to validate your real identity, as used today with Android when we’re paying for apps.

3. Cars without a driver and more autonomy

Cars without a driver are an undeniable reality. Uber, Tesla and other brands have been experimenting for years, many of them are already in production and are driving on the streets of our cities.

However, it is expected that in the next 5 years this demand will grow incredibly, making it possible to have an autonomous car without a driver on our doorstep, not only ours, but also using autonomous taxis.

4. Robots with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips, because almost all gadgets today are incorporating the so-called AI (artificial intelligence) to give their devices more intelligence to provide us with personalized content.

Combining complex types of software, with algorithms and sensors of different types and sizes, the technology with artificial intelligence exists in robots from different companies.

5. Ultra-fast mobile Internet

4G connectivity has been with us for many years now, and has become more and more a trend in Latin America and the rest of the world. But in the meantime, 5G is on its way, and promises to deliver immensely superior speeds that will last for years, just as 3G did and 4G does.

The unstoppable advance of technology seems to have no limits, in this last decade we have witnessed an enormous amount of scientific and technological advances greater than the rest of the history of man, and that have allowed us to enjoy today comforts, facilities, and access to electronic devices that we would have even imagined before.

From intelligent robots, to drones, to codeless cars, to intelligent clocks, to intelligent internet commerce, among many other things it seems that the advance of new discoveries and inventions has no limit for the human mind.

While these advances bring many benefits, we must also consider the risks of the technology if it is not developed in controlled environments. And we have to be very careful not to lose control, not to cross lines marked by professional ethics in creating innovations every day.